Our school Curriculum gets its lead from National Curriculum Framework, hence it is innovative and comprehensive. It is regularly upgraded to give our students a global exposure. Thus the school curriculum aims to provide adequate experience and space for dialogue and discourse to build a commitment in children which enables them grow wholesome and into responsible personalities.

Learning to learn and willingness to unlearn and relearn are important means of responding to new situations in a flexible and creative manner. Our curriculum emphasizes the process of extracting knowledge, ability to analyze and critical evaluation of experiences, to doubt, to question, to explore and investigate; in other words to make them inquisitive and be able to think independently.

Our Junior wing, adopts the playway method and gives students extensive opportunities to observe and experience. We give them bountiful exposure through beyond the classroom activities and field trips, Plethora of interclass Competitions like performing arts, creative writing, oratory and art & craft activities, are organized to nurture their talents.

In the senior section, the students are further groomed as balanced personalities who are academically sound and sensitive to global issues. Our students have mastered the art of winning by continuously aiming at perfection. We believe that every child has talent, capacities which he/she can realize if given the right motivating environment. We follow the C.B.S.E curriculum. Our teaching fraternity is highly professional who have in depth knowledge of their subject and a keen desire to learn and update. They provide our students world class exposure and raise them into leaders in their chosen walk of life.

Each year our students cross new bench marks, create big impressions and leave the trail.

Our curriculum encourages teachers to be innovative and inspires the students to lead and become what they want to be………..

The future responsible citizens in the making .......................

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