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It is said that the destiny of a nation is shaped in its classrooms. A perfect example of this is the classrooms of our Nursery Wing. The brightly coloured classrooms and the playful atmosphere ensure a harmony between child like curiosity and serious learning, thus enabling the birth of an implicit balance in the hearth of every child, a balance that truly sets apart a Mayurian from everyone else.

Carefully planned to perfection, keeping the needs of young learner in mind, the building has areas allocated for play, activity, creativity & learning. A plethora of activities are planned keeping along with the daily learning process to help holistic development of children. The infrastructures includes, well planned class rooms, children playground, well furnished library, smart class, computer lab. Latest techniques in the digital world the path breaking. Smart Boards have been installed in each class so that the teacher can supplement the classroom teachings with audio visual systems which enable a grasping registration in the minds of our young budding students.

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