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Ms. Shakuntla Rawat

Welcome to another academic year of Mayur Public School. We are proud to witness the soaring heights the institution has scaled in the past two decades. Our journey down the road has been rewarding. The school has emerged out as an institution where learning abilities are tried, tested; personalities, formed, characters chiseled and moulded beautifully and patterns of a life time established. Thus MPS has carved a niche for itself in the realm of education. The School has also acquired impressive milestones achieved by the students in the field of scholastic and co-scholastic domains.

Added to the list of achievement, another feather has been added to our decorated cap, the school is now ISO Certified 9001-2008 and has also been conferred the coveted Internationals School Award 2015-18 by the British Council.

Now a days, it is quite common to find people decrying the present climate of value crisis. We all feel the country is going downhill because people seem to have lost their moral integrity, sense of values and expediency has taken the place of pride as opposed to adherence to principles of a good conduct. I would like to stress upon my students to strengthen moral values and internalize them in their routine behavior. No tree grows unless it sticks firmly to its roots. Same principle applies to us. Inculcation of these values would save you from many unpleasing situations in life. Cultivate & nurture good habits and good hobbies. You should empower yourself by reading more and on varied subjects, because knowledge is power. In this era of stiff competition do not follow the trodden path but create your own niche and leave the trail. There are many new technical, administrative and professional courses to follow & excel in.

In this reference, I would also request the parents not to impose their own choices upon students. Each child is unique and needs to be attended differently. Therefore, enough autonomy should be given to him/her to bloom accordingly under their watchful eyes. Therefore I suggest & request them to be a friend, guide and a mentor to the child. They should keep in contact with the school teachers on regular basis to monitor his/her progress.

In school, the education is at par with the international standards, curriculum is wide based, Plethora of activities are organized and there is mass participation of students. Infrastructure is constantly added, upgraded & renovated, Library is enriched with new books every year. Hence it is to emphasize that school management ensures to give all the best of facilities which are prerequisite to academic excellence and holistic development of the students.

I appeal to you all, to put these facilities to your best use to grow as empowered future leaders. I wish you all the best.

Ms. Shakuntla Rawat


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