Our Vision

  1. We envision to develop the young minds into well integrated wholesome personalities. This is continuously monitored through the concerted efforts of the teachers, parents and management.
  2. Our aim is to help our students to become global leaders, who can lead not just others but also prove self-reliant in the face of adverse conditions.
  3. Following a rich and balanced academic curriculum, interlaced with a right mingling of cultural, art & sports activities, we empower our students to overcome the complexities and challenges of the present era.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower each of our learners to realize his/her full potential by focusing on their academic achievements, extra-curricular involvements and the development of appropriate life skills among them.

Besides, Providing “Quality Education”, we strive to create and uphold a progressive and child centered ethos in a happy and safe environment which fosters holistic development, nurtures the potential and celebrates uniqueness of each child.

Whatever the focus, the aim of the school is to provide a challenging, stimulating and purposeful education that makes a tangible difference to students’ personality.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide our students:

Freedom to develop naturally i.e. students would be provided with opportunities for initiative and self-expression in a congenial and conducive, free environment.

  • To initiate and strengthen the pedagogical movement which emphasizes student centered learning experiences which incorporate learning by doing, valuing diversity, leading to acquisition of skills like problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative learning, social responsibility and lifelong learning.
  • Ensuring that 21st century skills are integrated into the school curriculum addition to imparting knowledge about core academic subjects, the important areas of study such as global awareness, civic literacy, legal literacy and essential skills such as ICT literacy, critical thinking, communication skills, problem solving and essential life skills are also strengthened through adoption of innovative methods which enhance students’ capabilities and help to integrate cognitive and social skills.
  • To initiate Artificial Intelligence Lab in Mayur Public School: This would enable us to customize the learning experience for students; based upon their strength and weaknesses. This would also enable all students to enjoy the learning process and would be of great help in detecting students with learning disabilities and addressing their concern at any early age. Hence timely improvements can be initiated with this diagnosis.
  • For the enhancement of spiritual development of students special talks would be arranged, to be addressed by “Men of Wisdom & Knowledge”. In the past such talks were delivered by great speakers from “ISKON TEMPLE”; Delhi and Swamijis from Akshar Dham Temple Delhi.
  • To make students future ready “With focus on skill development and honing the different competencies of the students through initiating pedagogical inventions we aim to expose our students to probable real life situations, empowering them with formal and informal support.
  • Mass Participation in Games & Sports: Sports not only build character but also reveals it. “It is our foremost goal to ensure total participation of students in Games and sports which would lead to their holistic development. The school has provided ample facilities of outdoor & indoor games.

Each student has to compulsorily take part in any two sports of his/her choice. The school has tried to make optimal & effective use of even an inch of space available. We have separate volleyball, basketball grounds, FIFA approved Turfed ground for football, ample grounds for Cricket, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Handball and Badminton.

  • To be flexible, adaptable and open to learning opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of the modern world.
  • To learn all aspects of citizenship (community, democracy, social awareness, environmental awareness and ethics) and to be responsible citizens in future.
  • To provide global exposure to our children via various collaborative activities with the Embassy schools and cultural centers.
  • To organize professional development sessions for teachers, so that they are at par with international teaching pedagogy and also to arrange counselling and career guidance sessions for students.
  • To integrate the latest pedagogical practices in the curriculum so that our students are equipped & empowered with the best of knowledgeable inputs.
  • To integrate technology with learning in all aspects of school governance.
  • To strengthen our partnership with Parents/ Community/ Government agencies.
  • Upholding & nurturing the values embellished in “Swatchhta Abhiyan” initiated by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, we have pledged to ensure a clean and green environment in our school and in the neighbourhood areas involving our students, our school employees and residents of the neighbourhood.