“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.”

― Abigail Adams

Learning at Mayur Public School focuses on nurturing the individual talents of students by relating their experiences of the classroom to the realities of the world outside. The school offers comprehensive and activity-based learning in order to achieve 21st century skills and global competence. MPS has sustained a high academic standard over three decades and ensured to empower and equip students with relevant skills to step out confidently into the world that both beckons and challenges.

We aim to promote a spirit of inquisitiveness, foster scientific temperament and inculcate a sense of humanity and a creative mind within our students so that they become a valuable asset to the society and country.

Inculcation of Values and morals hold an essential place in the curriculum transaction. Besides, being academically sound,  our students are nurtured with the aim of embellishing their character with the qualities of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion.

The school follows CBSE curriculum with rigour and relevance to achieve the goal of holistic development of each student by integrating the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains of learning. We impart quality education to our school children in a collaborative environment with focus on experiential learning.

For us each child is unique and has immense potential. We adopt techniques which are innovative and most updated to draw out the best from every child of the school. A student is at the centre of our classroom pedagogy.  A teacher’s role is expected to cater to the development of the child in all possibilities.

The school adopts more open principles to find success. We nurture collaborative environments in which there is a shared responsibility to help one another, whether an individual role is that of a bus driver counsellor, custodian, secretary or a teacher.

We encourage experiential and experimental learning through frequent use of smart boards, lab works, virtual 3D devices, and use of visual devices, and group discussions and through project making and other modes of Multiple Intelligences in all the classes.

Therefore, in the class rooms only, the skills of communication, inter personal skills, self-directed learning skills and planning skills are developed gradually in a natural way.

Our dynamic systems and processes are open to regular reviews, feedback and consequent changes. We recognize the need for changing practice and professional growth set up and systematic engagements of all the staff. Ownership of responsibility is the other key factor that helps us in creating our school a centre of excellence.

The school functioning does not end with the final departure bell. Students are provided extra support and enriching study materials to empower them to clear JSTNE, NTSE, KVPY examinations successfully and we swell with proud to state that our students make indelible marks in all these attempts.

Continuous and Comprehensive Assessment forms an integral part of teaching learning process. Our assessment tools are diagnostic and remedial. Extra support is given to the support seekers and remedial classes are organized accordingly.

Hence, we adopt all measures to facilitate our students to achieve their dreams and realize their aspirations.